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The “D” Word

Doubt is one of those pervasive feelings that belies confidence.  Whenever I’m feeling unsettled or stuck, it’s usually a result of self-doubt about my intuition, my choices, my goals, my actions, even my knowledge (what do I REALLY know for sure?).

While doubt makes it easier to do nothing, it also impedes potential, progress and possibility.  As I continue my quest for increased self-awareness and making a meaningful difference in the world, I’m learning not to struggle against feelings of discomfort when they emerge.  Those feelings surface for a reason.  Instead of downplaying them, I’m getting still to acknowledge and examine any beliefs, attitudes, negative self-talk and perceptions that cloud my judgment and undermine my intentions when I’m feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated.

Leave me a comment to let me know what doubts you’re experiencing and how you’re dealing with them.


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