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The Abominable ‘No’ Man

Dear Friends,

Nothing clutters the soul more than negativity. The Abominable ‘No’ Man (source unknown), has an infinite capacity to project negativity:

– a high-hat attitude;
– concentrated narrow-mindedness;
– no vision for looking forward;
– side set eyes that give a one-sided view;
– overly sensitive ears that distort empowering messages;
– loose lips from too much complaining;
– a long nose for sniffing out the negative;
– large hands from a “thumbs down” perspective;
– an over-developed and creased smotherer from sitting on the fence;
– wobbly knees from continuous low stopping; and
– over-sized feet for stomping on ideas that have started to grow.

As we embark upon 2013, let’s do our part to diminish the power of pessimism.

Happy New Year! Now onward and upward!

Until Next Time,



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