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The Magnetic Frequency of Mental Attitude

DSCN5491   Dear Friends,

As I sit overlooking the tropical waters of the Caribbean, many thoughts are running through my mind… a primary one being we’re always thinking, so are always creating. Nonetheless, we rarely consider that each thought emits a magnetic signal (energy) that attracts conditions that correspond with its nature. In this way, everything we transmit returns to us as the source.

Mental forces are powerful frequency vibrations that are unbiased to our likes and dislikes or what we deem good or bad. These vibrations merely manifest whatever it is we focus on the most. High-frequency thoughts attract positive circumstances. Low-frequency thoughts attract negative circumstances.

Because our personal vibrations communicate who we are to the world and shape our realities, here’s an experiment to try this week to determine whether you are transmitting high-frequency or low-frequency vibrations.

1. Attune to the moment. Be aware of and jot down your primary thoughts over the course of each day.

2. Identify patterns. At the end of the day, review your notes to identify common themes and patterns in your thinking. If your thoughts are primarily negative, it’s time to change the channel.

3. Raise your vibration. Do something that will help you to release negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. This can be as simple as meditating; breathing deeply and slowly; taking a walk, nap or bubble bath; listening to a favorite song; holding a significant other; or anything that brings you joy.

Raising your vibration heightens your awareness and enables you to gain greater clarity about what you want in life. It’s unrealistic to believe that we can sustain high-frequency thinking at all times. However, we can consciously choose where to focus our energies. Each time you feel yourself slipping into low-frequency mode, change the channel to elevate your thinking and manifest a new picture and a new set of circumstances.

Until Next Time,



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