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Blog Tour: My Writing Process

Dear Friends,

I was invited to join this blog tour by Elizabeth Cassidy (www.elizabethcassidyart.com). I am to answer four questions about my writing process and introduce you to three new bloggers, who will do the same next week and on it goes.

1.  What am I working on?

I have written blogs and published newsletters and articles for several years, and I am excited to now be achieving a long-time aspiration of becoming a published book author.  I have just submitted two literary pieces for my first book in which I am a co-author. The Daughters and Spirit of Harriet, an anthology of accomplished women and men nationwide who are honored for their roles as entrepreneurs or for service in their organizations and communities, all in memory of the late Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela and Thomas Garrett. The book is scheduled to launch on April 1, 2014.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, California.

I am in the process of working on a second collaborative book project, Miracles, Momentum and Manifestation: Unleash the Secret Powers to Having the Life You Desire.  Along with eight passionate, focused, high-consciousness and high-vibrational women, we share our stories and how-to’s on the secrets of manifesting the life you desire and deserve.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My writing is a reflection of my voice, personality, feelings and attitude about a particular subject.  My style remains the same, but is tailored in terms of context, purpose, audience and setting.  Other factors that contribute to my distinctive voice are my experiences, cultural perspective, world view and my message.  All are a reflection of my thinking and speaking habits and are aligned with my delivery technique.  Finally, I’m very meticulous about clarity, accuracy and precision.

3.  Why do I write what I do?

I have always enjoyed learning, growing, creating and writing, which make me come alive, draw me into the moment and extract meaning from ordinary experiences.  Writing provides me the opportunity to get still, sit with my thoughts and reflect. I was created to inspire transformation and serve as a catalyst for change.  Writing is one of the platforms that I enjoy using to honor my purpose and creativity and share my story while inspiring others to share theirs.

4.   How does my writing process work?

I believe that writing is a craft that needs to be continuously nurtured, so am always seeking new ways to improve my style and process.  I read and write – a LOT – and am acutely aware of inspiration and ideas.  My ideas mostly emerge from observation, personal experiences, reading, and problem solving.  I also engage in self-reflection by asking myself key questions, such as “Why am I writing this?” “Who am I writing this for?”  What do I want the reader to know, learn or do?”  “Where would I publish this, and in what form?”

My writing process varies, depending upon the context.  Sometimes I create and follow an outline.  Other times, I don’t because it stifles my thoughts and creativity.  Either way, I generally follow a five-step process : (1) Plan – choose a topic, brainstorm ideas, collect necessary information and organize my thoughts; (2) Compose – begin writing a first draft without focusing on perfection; (3) Evaluate & Revise – evaluate the initial draft, solicit feedback, rework organization and details, and make style changes and improvements, as needed; (4) Edit – review for grammar, spelling and punctuation; and (5) Publish – determine how I am going to present my work to an audience.

Well, that’s enough about my writing process!  Please allow me to introduce the next writers on our blog tour:

Image    Kerry Connelly

Kerry Connelly is a Certified Christian Life Coach, writer, and speaker.  She’s also the founder of She*s ELEVATED, a company whose mission is to elevate women to their higher purpose through visionary coaching.  As a coach, Kerry works with busy visionaries who struggle to fulfill their dreams.  She helps them to focus and prioritize so they can go out and live the life God dreams for them!  As a writer, Kerry works out her messy faith in her blog, www.vibrancylives.com, where she might also occasionally write about the exploits of her two children and her long-suffering husband. She lives in New Jersey and has the attitude to prove it.  Also, she has no idea how to pump her own gas.  You can learn about Kerry’s coaching at www.sheselevated.com and her blog at www.vibrancylives.com.

Image   Leslie Lane Peabody

Leslie Lane Peabody is a single Mom with three teenage boys and a growing ‘family’ business.  She is the author of the forthcoming book “Lead Like a Muther – or is it Mother?” which shares practical advice on parenting —  in your business!   Leslie’s business is called Ninjas in High Heels and she coaches people just like us to make our business work – even when we aren’t!  Visit Leslie’s web page at http://leslielanepeabody.com, or her blog at http://www.ninja-mobile-money.com.  See you there!

Image Antoinette Sykes

Antoinette Sykes, MBA, Transformation Life & Success Coach, Author and Speaker. With her wit, passion and infectious personality, Antoinette is leading the way for women leaders to break barriers in life through claiming their voice and experiencing paradigm shifts in thinking for massive transformation in life and developing heart-centered business for purposeful profits. Antoinette coaches and consults under her flagship program and system entitled Leadership is H.O.T™ created for Corporate America, leaders and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Antoinette is spearheading a new coaching movement entitled #IDoLife for women who are ready to boldly live at a higher level of performance and consciousness.

Antoinette is also Dean & Founder of the Abundantly You! Life Coaching Academy™. A fan of positive psychology, self-empowerment and business marketing with a knack for living by faith for maximum success, Antoinette gives 100% of herself to you in each conversation and interaction. You can always find her offering a warm smile and even chuckling at her own jokes. Her high energy level can be attributed to her sheer love of life, fitness regimen, spiritual practice and always looking to serve someone else. Learn more at http://AntoinetteSykes.com.

Until Next Time,



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