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Facebook Censorship

Within the past four (4) days, I have been banned TWICE for posting the truth about white supremacy on Facebook. My first ban was for a 24 hour period for posting the following:

“Dear White Women: When I posted about white people statistically being the biggest terror threat to this country, it includes you, too. As mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and lovers (and not to mention your majority vote in our most recent Presidential election), you don’t get a pass, because you are just as dangerous.”

After my 24 hour ban, I caught an immediate 72 hour ban (still in effect) for re-posting the reason for the initial ban. Since then, Facebook has systematically deleted every one of my posts speaking out against white supremacy.

My question to Facebook and anyone who would dare to argue with the factual statement that got me banned in the first place is this: WHERE’S THE LIE?

The shameful part is that numerous people have contacted Facebook to report hate speech against Blacks, Muslims, Jews, and other demographics who have historically faced — and in most cases, continue to face — racism and oppression. Facebook’s response is most often the reported post “does not violate our community standards.” There’s a reason why no one can gain access to a live person within the company and why Facebook continues to allow the spread of hatred and threats against disenfranchised groups, as well as attempt to censor voices who speak out against white supremacy, particularly women of color. Facebook has their own agenda, and it’s certainly not to support racial justice and equality. My new moniker for them is (R)acebook.

Meanwhile, a shout-out and deep appreciation to all of you who have spoken out in solidarity with me.  There is much work to be done in the fight against white supremacy, and I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. Onward!




7 thoughts on “Facebook Censorship

  1. Mary, I miss your voice on Facebook as I, and many of your friends, continue to inquire daily why you would be banned for speaking the truth while racist groups with terrifying, bigoted comments and memes (under the guise of “confederate heritage” or some such nonsense) be allowed to exist. While it is not in any way your job to push white women toward introspection — that really should be something we white women should be tackling ourselves instead of expecting Women of Color to hold our hands through it — I remain ever thankful for, and grateful for, your voice. Thank you for your graciousness in allowing me in your space, and thank you for your truth; your unrelenting voice.


  2. Facebook deleted my post of boosting your post too, almost within minutes. But I saw that it allowed a lot of White folks boosting. However, in the short time that it was up, I had Beckies privately emailing me (cowards) and trying to school me in the errors of the post with #notallwhitepeople, #fragilitis, #iamtheniceone. I was already quite upset and pretty much had to say that I am not engaging, not teaching, or responding to fragility. So, I really appreciate you taking the time to teach. If that is not an act of deep love, I don’t know what is. Sending love. ❤

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