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Yet Another (R)acebook Ban

It’s a sad country that we live in where freedom of speech has so rapidly diminished — especially when it relates to racial justice and equality. Yesterday, I caught a 7-day Facebook ban for posting the following:

Dear White People:

The terminology that we use to define a problem determines how we attempt to solve it. You are so accustomed to defining racism as people of color being the problem that you want to fix us, patronize us, save us and heal us. You rarely perceive yourselves as the problem (which is where the root of the problem lies). Thus, your interventions are most often ill-informed, misdirected and yield no meaningful or sustainable results.

At some point, you must come to terms with your ancestral role in creating the very concept of racism. You must also examine the many ways in which you wield power and unearned privilege to perpetuate it. If you’re brutally honest with yourselves, you will take ownership (just as you have taken and continue to take everything else) and devise intelligent ways to solve this messy social problem once and for all. HINT: You will achieve this feat ONLY by looking within.


The question that I ask white people each time I receive a Facebook ban (this is my third) is this: WHERE IS THE LIE? If you would pause long enough to face the butt-naked truth, you would cease reacting, get still, acknowledge and confront that fragile demon that has you psychologically bound and generationally cursed.

The first thing that most white people tend to do when you see my Dear White People salutation is immediately draw on your responsibility-deflecting defense mechanism known as white fragility.  Yet, if you were intelligent at all, you would understand that my salutation speaks to white supremacy as a system, and every white person is born and socialized into this system… not to mention that exercising your fragility merely perpetuates white supremacist ideologies.

It frustrates, but doesn’t surprise me that most white people are so hell-bent on suppressing the truth about your role in racial injustice and inequality. Rather than self-examine, you cowardly take the path of least resistance by getting all wrapped up in your feelings and lashing out in passive-aggressive ways in attempts to destroy the messenger. However, what you do not know is that being a black woman, I have survived much worse. Each time you engage all manner of deception to try and reduce me to ashes for speaking truth that you would prefer not to hear and address, know this: like the Phoenix, I WILL RISE AGAIN.


10 thoughts on “Yet Another (R)acebook Ban

  1. I saw this on Racebook a few minutes ago and became immediately enraged. With all of the racist garbage that is continuously spewed daily and left to stand, it is more than obvious whose side they are on. I’m so grateful we have other platforms where we can communicate and support you. In the meantime, keep speaking the truth. We recognize it and will not let it be trampled. Even as I type this we are mobilizing in your absence to express our outrage. Hang in there. Much love to you.❤

  2. NO lies detected, of course. Thank you Dr. Mary Ann Canty Merrill. Will keep reposting and relinking as long as nevessary (which I realize may be a damn long time).

  3. Mary, I still can’t find the lie.

    Posting this in the Facebook Bans Promote White Privilege group, and also sharing with The Religious Society of Friends.

    I *know* we can do better than this, if only people would make the choice to hold ourselves accountable….instead of *deflect, deny, and derail*

    • Mickey, there are absolutely no reasons provided other than “We removed something you posted, because it does not follow Facebook Community Standards.” It’s virtually impossible to reach a live body to obtain any information. When users have tried to contact Facebook, there is generally no response.

  4. Yet Mark Zuckerberg and his Administrative staff refuses to answer our questions about banning people who speak out against racism while allowing others to make threats and racist remarks against POC.

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