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I’ve just launched my Twitter campaign against Facebook’s systematic attempts to shut down the voices of black activists. Hope you’ll join me using this hashtag: #RacebookSoWhite.


8 thoughts on “#RacebookSoWhite

  1. We haven’t communicated in a while and this note to share that I feel you and understand your need to express. Fight forward in faith and in truth! ☮


  2. The racist behavior of Facebook is uncalled for but typical of people who feel “entitled” by white privilege. It is time to call it out. Banning of Dr. Mary Ann Canty Merrill for being outspoken against racism is nothing but CENSORSHIP.

  3. Last week I shared your last FB post on White Fragility, and as of yesterday, I’M banned for 24 hours for sharing that post. When I followed the link under the screenshot of the post to find out what community standards I had violated, they led me to a page about how spreading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY was against the FB community standards. If sharing your post was against the rules, why weren’t the correct rules cited as the ones in question? Someone is silencing because they personally don’t like what is being said. Not because what is being said is against the “community standards” that are tossed to the side every time FB does this petty mess.

    I also that I also think its pretty interesting that I, a Black woman, am on FB timeout for sharing your post about White Fragility. But none of the 20 something White women who shared it from my post are on FB timeout.


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