The Condition of Whiteness

Whiteness, inextricably bound with white supremacy, is a depraved condition. It is a condition that has spread thick layers of oppression over and destruction throughout the land. White people’s limited awareness and acknowledgement of racial disparities in this country is pervasive. Yet, the depravity of whiteness manifests itself in every realm of reality.

Physical. Whiteness is a curse. In Africa, the birthplace of humanity and civilization, white people (albinos) were cursed, cast out as lepers and banished to caves (leper colonies). Since emerging from those caves, their anger, hostility and fragility have been far-reaching as they set out to mask their inferiority and convince themselves and others that they are superior beings. Instead, they have proven to be a plague to the planet, systematically and perpetually destroying every person and object that they encounter.

Psychological. Whiteness is an illusion. White people have been brainwashed into believing that they are the golden standard of humanity. This sociopathy rules the mind and behavior, but it is not a diagnosed mental illness. To conflate racism with mental illness is to absolve whiteness of its responsibility of confronting its grandiosity. It also does a grave disservice to those who genuinely suffer from mental health issues. Racism is taught and instilled. White people know better, but they refuse to care. They actually believe that the end justifies the means. They lack a sense of social conscience and moral responsibility and are conditioned to lie and manipulate their way through life to gain approval, profit, and police, oppress and exploit people of color. This deeply rooted belief in superiority has created an aversion and intense hostility towards those who fall outside the realm of whiteness.

Social. Whiteness is a seductive trap. White supremacy is a socially constructed ideology with devastating consequences. It is more than a Black-White dichotomy. It reflects the original binary of America—the need to define, through a process of elimination who is white and who is non-white. This racialization assigns individuals to a specific category and then assigns social meaning to that category in ways that shape cultural identity. This meaning is built into our social processes and expressed in daily lived experiences.

Economical. Whiteness is predicated on capitalism. The economic benefit of capitalism continues to overshadow the inhumanity of oppression. Whiteness thrives because it is a profitable scam that maintains institutions of advantage over people of color, widespread devastation be damned. The racial wealth gap is merely one example of the cost of white supremacy on the U.S. economy. Whiteness and white privilege are deeply rooted in the fabric of our society, creating disparate economic outcomes for people of color.

Moral. Whiteness is insidious. Whiteness employed its own brand of Christianity to justify slavery and continues to utilize it to perpetuate other forms of oppression. White supremacy is a deeply embedded evil that inflicts pain on and refuses to empathize with the plight of the underprivileged. Whiteness lacks empathy not only because it requires introspection, but because with it comes responsibility and culpability. Whiteness fails to realize that in maligning others it maligns itself. When you dismiss my humanity, you dismiss your own. When you disrespect my humanity, you disrespect your own. When you devalue my humanity, you devalue your own.

Political. Whiteness is a corrupt power structure. It has produced and reproduced white supremacy, an ideology hell-bent on terrorizing and destroying people of color for its own edification and self-interests. White supremacy is so pervasive that we do not have to do anything to consciously participate in it, because it’s in the very air that we breathe. If we are not actively challenging privilege, power and oppression, we are actively colluding with it.

White supremacy has been passed down from generation to generation, leaving in its wake large-scale destruction. Whiteness, then, is not the paragon of virtue. Whiteness is not the model of excellence. Whiteness is not the be-all and end-all of humanity. Whiteness is an invention. Whiteness is an apparition. Whiteness is a lie. Whiteness is a depraved condition.